Top 10 Frequently Asked Questions About Boudoir Photography

I know there are so many questions when getting ready for a session or even thinking about doing one.

Here is a list of the top 10 frequently asked questions I get!

1. I’m nervous! what is your advice? Sister, that is totally normal! In fact, I might be a little worried if you weren’t nervous. Being nervous means you aren’t numb to new, exhilarating experiences. By far, the most nerve- wracking part of this is walking in the door for your appointment. After you conquer that, it’s an easy-going, super fun experience! And to help come join the FB VIP GROUP, ask me and past clients anything in there. We have fun and post daily with images and videos of past sessions.

2. Do I have to share my images online? No you do not! Everyone you do see on my website or social media has been so kind as to sign off on a release for me to do so. I love when I am able to share with everyone the art we create together. During your reveal you can make a choice to share all of your images, some or even none. I respect when my clients want to keep their images private. It is 100% your choice.

3. Do I have to wear lingerie or get naked? This is completely up to you and how comfortable you are with it. I try to encourage you to try because it is so empowering to be nude or just wrapped up in a sheet! But again that is all up to you! For more ideas on what to wear check out this blog post: 5 tips for choosing the right lingerie

4. How long does the shoot last? Normally, around an hour. I photograph you until I get everything I need for your gallery. You will never feel rushed! From makeup to reveal takes about 4 hours.

5. How do I prepare for my session? I’ve got you! I have an email set up to inform you of everything you will need to know for your session! Besides I am always available for questions!

6. I literally have no clue how to pose or be sexy. help!? Don’t you worry, girl! I’ve got you! I will talk you through every single movement within a pose. I teach you exactly what to do with your face, where to put your hands, where to look, when to arch–I pose everything all the way down to how you breathe! It’s just us in the room, so if you feel silly the first few times, who cares!? Beyoncé will be playing, I’ll be making you laugh, and you’ll totally forget feeling awkward! Be brave, you can do this!

7. Is hair & makeup included? Yesss! At Knotty Boudoir part of the experience is letting go and getting pampered for the day! I promise my artist is amazing and she can give you any look you wish! Whether it be simple and natural or bold! Bring images you like for inspiration!!

8. What type of products do you offer? Gorgeous luxury albums, heirloom keepsake boxes with 5×7 prints, matted prints or my personal favorite…metal wall arts, as well as digital files and some fun add-on options!

9. How far in advance do I need to book a session? It is always a good idea to book at least several months in advance of the date you are needing your products. So if you are doing this for a special occasion make sure to keep this in mind. You can always contact me about this as well. We do book up quickly for the year so don’t miss out! You can always lock in a date for months in advance!

10. How many outfits should I bring? ALL OF THEM!!! Haha But seriously, we only shoot 3 outfits plus the sheets or nude set. I always say if your not sure bring more. I will be there to help you pick your final favorites. We also have the client closet you’ll have access to!

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