5 tips for choosing the right lingerie.

I know how scary it can be to think about going shopping for lingerie and not really know what you are looking for. Now…the number one thing to remember when you set out to look at different lingerie pieces is that fit is everything. You want to make sure your outfit fits you well, as ill-fitting lingerie is difficult to hide. Check to make sure the piece you choose isn’t too large (specifically in the chest)–no gaps, no excess fabric, nothing ‘droopy’ in the booty area. Also make sure it isn’t too small–that it isn’t too restrictive and cutting into your skin, hugging you in unflattering areas, or creating bulges/rolls.

1. Bra/panty sets

A bra/panty set is right for you if you want to show off your stomach, hips, booty, and back! If you are interested in wearing a killer bra/panty set to your session, one of my favorite pieces of advice to offer you (that I really hope you take!) is to be properly fitted by an expert! There are many different bra cuts and styles, and each one flatters a different body type/circumstance. Talk with a fitter about which cut and style will highlight your favorite features the most! More than 80% of women wear the wrong size bra–so know that you aren’t alone if you are totally off in choosing the correct size!

If you love the idea of a bra/panty, but want some fun ideas on how to make it a little more interesting and fun, try pairing it with a garter belt or a pair of fishnets! Another suggestion would be to look for a set that has a bit of texture! Example: a more see-through demi-cut bra with pretty details, a modest amount of crystals or beading, or something with a dainty, feminine strap.

2. Bodysuits

All the praise hands in the air! Bodysuits are my absolute favorite type of outfit to photograph! The reason is simple: they look amazing on every body type! Bodysuits are right for you if you want to show off your shoulders, neck, upper back, legs, and curves without highlighting your stomach. Bodysuits are typically sold in sizes XS-XL or 1X-5X, though some are sold in pant sizes. You don’t need to consult with a fitting expert to correctly choose a bodysuit, but make sure that it is form fitting and hugs close to your body.


Choose a bodysuit that is cut to highlight some of your favorite physical features. If you love your chest, choose a lower cut bodysuit. If you are totally diggin’ your back, choose one that has a low swoop in the back. If you want to show off your collar bones and shoulders, choose a bodysuit that has singular straps (like bra straps) instead of a halter (which would mask your collar bones). Halter straps or bodysuits that cover the shoulders make it difficult to showcase your feminine features, and we lose the ability to pull the straps down for a sexy, playful look!

3. If lingerie isn‘t your thing…

Though I still want to encourage you to bring at least one outfit that terrifies you just a bit, there are so many other options to explore when planning your outfits!

1. CALVIN KLEIN SETS: So these are sort of like a bra/panty set, but with a much more laid back, comfy/sporty vibe. Cut to look like a sports bra, you have more coverage up top, while you can opt for a thong or cheeky cut bottom to show off your booty! These come in a variety of colors, cuts, and styles–and are undeniably sexy while maintaining a low-key vibe!

2. A SIMPLE TEE: Nothing screams effortlessly sexy like a comfy tee we can pull off the shoulder! I suggest that you bring something in an understated color with easy-to-move-around fabric (you don’t want anything too stiff or too tight at the neck where we can’t move the tee to fall off the shoulder). Pair this with a pair of cheeky panties or knee-high white socks and you’ve got a really great outfit!

3.Nothing or just the sheets: Don’t forget…you don’t have to even wear anything at all if you don’t want to! The sheet sessions are some of my favorite! It is so freeing and empowering to just let go and open up!

4. Gems in your closet

It’s easy to get so wrapped up in the excitement (plus slight anxiety) of shopping for outfits for your shoot, that you forget about all the possibilities your closet may hold! Consulting your own wardrobe is a great way to infuse your personality into your session in an authentic way! Here are the pieces you can hunt down (that you already own!) that make really unique outfits!

  • That ‘old faithful’ tee–something soft, oversized, worn
  • Tank top
  • Crop top
  • Leather jacket or leather pants/leggings
  • Daisy Duke shorts
  • Sweaters
  • PROPS!!!! Please don’t forget props can be so fun and really show your personality!

5. Outfits to avoid

While I want you to explore your creativity and have fun selecting your outfits, there are a few options out there that I have found it’s best to steer clear from!

1. Corsets: While they sure look pretty on the hanger, and definitely do a great job of highlighting curves, corsets are very difficult to pose in. Since the majority of my posing is based on arching and being able to move freely, I highly encourage you not to wear a corset in your session. I want your images to be classic and timeless, and corsets can often date an image. They can also be hard to get into!

2. ‘Babydoll’ style outfits: If you are unfamiliar with this style, it is a piece that is often fitted in the chest and then has a bunch of extra fabric that flows down near the stomach/waist. All of that fabric can add the illusion of inches around your waist, making you appear larger than you are. It also makes posing more difficult because the fabric tends to lay weird, and you’ll be fighting with it the entire time.

3. Distracting patterns: I want the focus to remain on you. Crazy prints might take away from our posing and your beauty, so try to find pieces that are solid colors or simple patterns.

Regardless of what you choose, go with your gut. If you love a piece but just aren’t sure if it works, bring it! I can help style you and narrow down outfits once you arrive!

Now go have some fun!!!

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