How to prepare for your boudoir session!

First off let’s talk about outfits!

The single most important thing to remember as you think about what you’d like to wear to your session, is that I want you to feel comfortable (I mean, as comfortable as you can be in this situation, right?) Never feel like you have to bring a certain type of outfit just because this is a boudoir session. If lingerie isn’t your jam at all, maybe choose just one piece so that we can try it out, but know that there are so many other options out there! I want to challenge you to try something that might be out of your comfort zone (because the greatest transformations happen when we kiss that zone goodbye!), but I also want you to feel like you when you view your portraits. So, don’t be afraid to pack a bag to bring to your shoot! If a piece sings to your soul, pack it. If a different piece is beautiful but scares the fire out of you–pack it, too. We will play around with different looks until we find the perfect combination of outfits that make you feel beautiful!

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Now let’s talk posing!!

I know it can be scary thinking how in the world am I going to be able to do those poses?! Don’t you worry, girl! I’ve got you! I will actually do the pose first so you can see it…and I’ll be awkward about it haha!! Then I will talk you through every single movement within the pose. I teach you exactly what to do with your face, where to put your hands, where to look, when to arch–I pose everything all the way down to how you breathe! It’s just us in the room, so if you feel silly the first few times, who cares!? We will have your favorite music playing, I’ll be making you laugh, and you’ll totally forget feeling awkward! Be brave, you can do this!

Check out this video for some behind the scene posing!

Last and final thing & the most important…relax and enjoy!!

You are going to walk in and feel like somehow you aren’t prepared. THIS IS NORMAL, friend! This is a new experience, and your fear is of the unknown! Rest assured, you will feel like we are friends by the end of hair/makeup!Take a deep breath. You can do this! I promise, the minute you meet us, you will feel silly for worrying! Look at yourself in the mirror before heading out and say to yourself, “I am beautiful, worthy, and I am going to have FUN with this experience!” Never forget, you are doing this for YOU. Leave those nerves at the door, you don’t need them! We aren’t here to judge you–we are here to love and celebrate you!

See you soon, babe!

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