Positive Mantras everyone needs…

Hello gorgeous human!

We are so excited you chose Knotty Boudoir to be your boudoir studio!

We want to help you feel as prepared as possible and have put this together to help you work that confidence muscle as we lead up to your session date. 

We highly encourage you say these out loud and start with “I am” statements 🙂


Even with all of my self proclaimed flaws. I am redefining what society deems beautiful and breaking the mold. My body is deserving of documentation. I speak kindess when talking about myself and my body as I would a friend.

I am beautiful.


I have decided to put myself first. To show myself that I can do this. To prove all of my negative inner dialogue wrong. I will show up and be unapologetically myself and walk outside of my comfort zone. I am a force to be reckoned with.

I am brave.


No matter what people in the past may have told me. I deserve to be celebrated and my body does as well. I give myself permission to be pampered and get exactly what I want from this experience–physically, emotionally, financially and spiritually. I am so proud of me.

I am worthy.


I know what makes me special and I am here to showcase that. I love my body and how it has supported me. I don’t need anyone’s approval but my own and I give it to myself every day. These photos serve as a reminder of how badass and powerful I am.

I am confident.


I am ready to see myself in a new light. To be open to new opportunities and new perspectives. I am ready to love myself fully for exactly who I am. I am ready to accept myself and everything that makes me, me.

I am doing this.

I know that I will have gorgeous images because I am a gorgeous human.

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