Top 12 Most Frequently Asked Questions about Boudoir Photography

Boudoir Photography – Frequently Asked Questions

The thought of a boudoir session can be scary. When talking to women about their session. I get asked all kinds of questions. So I wanted to compile a list of my 12 most frequently asked questions to give you some insight on preparing for a boudoir session with me!

Do you share my images?

No we do not have to share them! Everyone you do see on my website or social media has been so kind as to sign off on a release for me to do so. I love when I am able to share with everyone the art we create together. During your reveal you can make a choice to stay 100% private & not share at all or you could share everything. But for those that want to share but not sure…we also have anonymous images only. This means we can only share images that you can not see your face. I respect when my clients want to keep their images private. It is 100% your choice.

Do I have to wear lingerie?

You definitely don’t have to specifically wear lingerie, it depends on your personality! There are a BUNCH of outfit ideas other than lacy little things! Head over to this blog post about choosing outfits to see more ideas!

Do you have payment plans?

YES!!! We actually have a few different options for you.

  1. Pre-Session plans: This is a huge favorite for clients. Just think of it as a savings account! You can stash money away towards your session plus it’s a way to earn FREE BONUSES!!!
  2. Pay-Pal Credit: This is basically a credit line you get approved for through PayPal. They will give you a specific amount that you can use & then work with you on payments.
  3. In-House payment plan: That’s right I offer payment plans as well. We can set you up for 3, 6, 9 or 12 month plans!

Is hair & makeup included?

Hair & makeup is included in all of our boudoir sessions! I think it’s really important for you to feel pampered & having your hair & makeup done is a great way to do that! Our amazing team can help you complete your look whether that’s “I just woke up like this” or full on glam! You can even bring any ideas you want as inspiration!

Do you Photoshop my images?

I do edit your images for light, exposure & color balance. I do NOT however edit anything “out” that is permanent! I think it can be damaging to have a session done & then edit out parts of yourself that make you who you are! Part of the process of accepting yourself & seeing your beauty also means not photoshopping out parts of yourself you don’t like. If there are part of yourself that are learning to love & aren’t thrilled about, that is okay! We are skilled in posing & lighting to make you look your absolute best & bring out your shine!

Where should I buy outfits?

There are a few places to buy outfits from & it depends on what you are getting & the style of your shoot! Here is a long list to choose from with different styles & sizing! Amazon (don’t sleep on this one they have great options), Shein, Victoria’s Secret, Forever21, Adoreme, Torrid, Aerie, Hips & Curves, Honey Birdette, Savage Xfenty, Yandy, Fashion Nova & even Target!

What type of print products do you have?

We offer a variety of luxury albums with numerous cover options, gorgeous glass boxes with prints, vivid metal wall arts and fun items you can add on like apps and peep shows! We offer a la carte menus but most of our clients love going with a collection because you get a little of everything!

Do you offer digitals?

Yes we do! All of our collections include digital options. We also offer them alone on our a la cate menu.

I’m Freaking out!! How can I calm my nerves?

Sister, that is totally normal! In fact, I might be a little worried if you weren’t nervous. Being nervous means you aren’t numb to new, exhilarating experiences. By far, the most nerve- wracking part of this is walking in the door for your appointment. After you conquer that, it’s an easy-going, super fun experience! And to help come join the FB VIP GROUP, ask me and past clients anything in there. We have fun and post daily with images and videos of past sessions.

How many outfits should I bring?

ALL OF THEM!!! Haha But seriously, we only shoot 3 outfits plus the sheets or nude set. I always say if your not sure bring more. I will be there to help you pick your final favorites. We also have the client closet you’ll have access to!

Should I get to my shoot early?

I always say show up early that way you know you will be on time! But please wait until 10 am to come into the studio as we are probably still making sure everything is perfect for you! We like to make sure we are set up & have your favorite jams on the second you walk in!

Where is your studio located?

We are located in Kingwood, Tx. Just off of the highway so it makes it a perfect location!

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